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Walk with Christ. Pursing a personal relationship with Jesus is the true essence of our faith and essential in life transformation. Throughout our daily pursuit, we experience Him in every aspect of life especially through spiritual practices. Because God is so massive, He is beyond our comprehension and we must embrace the mystery of who God is in our own lives.

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Missional life together. God designed us to live in a deep relationship with Him AND with each other. We were not meant to live alone but to live together to make a difference with our lives.

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Make a difference. Freely, joyfully, and sacrificially give your human, knowledge, and financial capital to causes that matter to the Kingdom of God.



Newsong’s one word focus is RECONCILIATION

Reconciliation – with God and with one another. We know that every person has a story and part of that story likely involves painful experiences. We believe that God wants to redeem that pain and use it to show other people how great His love is.


Our values are expressed in our vision 

God’s given us a Kingdom vision at Newsong. Simply defined, it is to zealously love God and the misfits of this world, even in the midst of pain and discomfort.


Newsong is a home for misfits.

We are a people of passion, joy, hope, freedom, the supernatural, the ordinary, loyalty, and relentless love. We strive to love Jesus and the fringe.


What is Third Culture?

Third culture in a word is Adaptation. In two words, Painful Adaptation. The longer definition is “the mindset and will to love, learn and serve in any culture even in the midst of pain and discomfort.”

“Third culture” is used to describe the fusion of multiple cultures, the art of adaptation and dialogue rather than dictation. It’s about diplomacy over strong arm tactics, and the embrace of discomfort as part of the journey toward real community.